>And now I have proof!

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>It’s funny how I make an observation out of humor with no scientific evidence only to find out that I was right.

Last month, I was in the very beginning stages of communication with a guy online only to see one day that his wife hacked into his account, changed his sex from male to female and let the world know this guy had abandoned his children as well as her.  Thank you and goodbye!

Yesterday, he sent me an email as though he had never contacted me before.  “That quote in your profile is funny.  I really liked that movie.”  Um.  What? Yeah, I know, dude. We exchanged an email or two about it.

What was I talking about?  Oh yeah, his profile says he is looking for a drama free girl.

2 thoughts on “>And now I have proof!

  1. Anonymous

    >Ok, your example might be more hilarious than one than a Libra who had the hots for me (but I didn't for her) shared with me regarding her e-Harmony experience:

    – a guy had his profile entry as being divorced but she found out after several e-mail and phone conversations with him that he was actually married but considered himself divorced cuz he'd been separated from his wife for over 12 months…ridiculous, eh? lol
    (I now find it humourous, but I got stark-raving mad when she first told me, though not how she wanted it…I got mad at him and still didn't fall for her, even though she looked hot)

  2. Anonymous

    >The funny AND sad thing is:

    he's the doofus who started the drama, not his wife (she was simply retaliating after the fact;)


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