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>I know Jump the Shark jumped the shark last year or so, but I really don’t know another expression that expresses the point at which a TV begins it ultimate slide towards cancellation. 

Regardless, today I was watching Whatever with Alexis and Jennifer on the Hallmark Channel.  I loved this show when it was on the now defunct Fine Living Channel.  It these two chicks making fun of old clips of the Martha Stewart Living show.  It was kind of like a version of Mystery Science Theater, but not quite as cool.  Either way, I was entertained by their banter and their silly attempts to recreate a craft Martha taught to her at home audience. 

When I saw the show had been resurrected on the Hallmark Channel, I got excited…that was until I tuned in.  Now it’s just a lame talk show.  Of course they market it as “So not your mother’s talk show”.  Really?  From the few minutes I could get through it looked EXACTLY like every other talk show out there.  In fact, it was pretty much Live with Regis & Kelly except it wasn’t live and the two hosts were both female. 

Chalk it up to another disappointing revamp. 

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