>Online Dating Chronicles: A little common sense please…

>Dating is a font of frustration.  My single friends and I commiserate over happy hour, confounded by our latest rejections and frustrated by the whole process in general.   Over one such, session, my friend Jen, who you can follow on Twitter, asked if she could contribute to the education of single people who are considering a foray into the online dating world…below is her post!


Spelling and Grammar are important. Forget everything you learned in Elementary School.  No, I take that back. It can be as simple as a misspelled common or misused word that can make a girl wince while reading an otherwise great profile! Spellcheck is your best friend.

Smiley faces and dotting I’s with hearts are cute… when you are ten. Leave them behind in your profile writing, and try to limit them in you’re emailing.

Be a little humble. Braggarts were annoying in high school and they are ten times worse in dating. Let me be the judge of how smart/ fit/ good looking you are, don’t tell me.

Reading comprehension. We all hated it in the yearly exams, but suddenly it kinda matters. If I am saying I am interested in a certain age group, or geographical location, and you do not fit into it, please move on. I sincerely do hope you find what you are looking for there in Oskaloosa, Iowa.

You won’t get dinner (with me) if you don’t clean your room. If you insist on taking a self portrait in your bathroom or bedroom, clean it up first! I’m not a neat freak, but come on. Some of those portraits are downright disgusting.

Honesty is the best policy! Whether you are saying you hike every weekend when in reality you are a video gamer, or you post pictures from five years ago when you had more hair and less waistline, stop. We are gonna find out… eventually.

And most importantly: Your resume is everything. It is your first impression. The same is true in online dating! Make a conscious effort of putting your best foot forward. We all know dating is like an interview anyway, embellishing (aka lying) to get the deal done.

So polish up on your WORD skills, cut and paste that sucker, and have your friends and/or relatives you trust review it before you put it out there for the world to see!

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