>Random Thoughts on the Golden Globes

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>Is it just me, or does it seem too early for the Golden Globes to be this weekend? Regardless, I’m excited even though I barely know any of the celebrities. Over the years, movies that get nominated for these awards have never been seen by me. Sometimes because they don’t interest me (Avatar, Black Swan, Juno) and others because I just didn’t get around to seeing them (mostly everything else).

But how much stock should we really put into these awards? For God’s sake Burlesque was nominated one year for Best Comedy or Musical. Did you see that steaming pile of boredom? I wish I hadn’t.

Overall, the entertainment choices available to me have been sort of lame this year.

There isn’t a movie or TV show I’m excited about. I like Modern Family, but the kids on there annoy the hell out of me. They need someone to kick their ass. I missed Downton Abbey. Yes, I know. Netflix. The Help seems interesting, but that came out when getting to the movies was still a challenge for me. I can’t even remember what 50/50 was about and Bridesmaids looked funny, but I’ve heard that for some people it was more depressing because it hit too close to home.

So, I’ll watch the pregame on E! Whichever anorexic nobody they get to ignorantly talk to the actors will be a source of humor for me. Plus, it’s always fun to see what people wear. I want to be wowed by fashion, but most of the time these women have hairdos that look like they forgot to use a brush and left the house five minutes before showing up on the Red Carpet.

One good thing?  Us folks on the West Coast get to see the show live.  The three hour delay is so lame, every other awards show.  I can Google the winners and not have to sit through stupid commercials or horrendously boring speeches.

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>Random thoughts on the Golden Globes

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Usually, I watch the red carpet coverage of awards shows and am completely unimpressed with most gals attempts at formal fashion.  This year was different or maybe I’ve lost my mind, but it seems like the majority of women really pulled off some great looks, Helena Bonham Carter aside, of course.  Then again, I could probably accept her quirky fashion choices if she didn’t seem so angry.  As historical evidence, let’s look at Cyndi Lauper, she’s so unusual!  But she did it with a smile on her face, so we could accept her half red/half yellow hair and mismatched beaded necklaces. 

Now, I thoroughly enjoy Ricky Gervais, but apparently no one told him that Hollywood can’t laugh at itself.  Wow, was that a tough crowd he played to last night.  Sure, the comedians can laugh at themselves, but actors, producers, and directors just can’t do it.  It’s a shame.  They really should lighten the hell up and laugh at the crazy thing called life to poorly borrow a phrase from Prince.  It would probably make for better product coming out of the Hollywood backlots.

2 thoughts on “>Random thoughts on the Golden Globes

  1. Dave2

    >It wasn't your imagination… most of the ladies were indeed dressed to perfection at the Golden Globes. It was kind of surprising how noticeable the lack of bad fashion was as I was watching. Especially since I'm usually oblivious to that kind of stuff.

    Ricky Gervais does what he does. But it doesn't play well to a room filled with people who are accustomed to being sucked up to wherever they go. More a reflection on them than him, I think.

  2. Ms. Chick

    >I think that's why most comedians bomb when they host award shows. They don't suck up to the audience like Billy Crystal and his parodies, which I enjoy, but they do the shtick that made them famous like Conan, David Letterman and John Stewart. All of which pokes fun at Hollywood at Hollywood's expense.


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