>Random Thoughts on the Three Day Weekend

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>Normally, people flock to the mountains this weekend to get in some snow time. This year…no snow. So, now what is everyone going to do? I hope people still leave town. Maybe I can convince them to go to the city. Who doesn’t love San Francisco?

Seriously, what are you people going to do? There is some snow in the mountains. Of course, at the ski resorts its all man made. Sorry, but I want Sacramento all to myself. I’m kind of sick and tired of everyone. Well, not everyone. Just everyone I don’t know.

You know what I would like to do? Nothing. I’d like to sit on my ass all day and read a book. Better yet, I’d like to watch a movie trilogy.

While I will take as many days off as I can get, they are a double edged sword. I never really have time for them. Work is out of control busy, which is good, but exhausting. So, when a three day weekend comes around, it’s great, but annoying. I will have extra fires to put out when I get back on Tuesday.

Plus, I’m never satisfied. I always want just one more day…it’s like waking up on a Wednesday morning…just fifteen more minutes and I’ll be golden.

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