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>That people think marriage changes a person? It doesn’t.

Then again, I don’t know one woman who got engaged that didn’t completely lose her mind the moment the ring hit her finger. It’s like having to plan a wedding makes a woman lose most of her common sense. And it takes a good 15 years for her to get it back. It wouldn’t take that long if kids didn’t come into the picture.

Also, what’s with the not having sex after a few years? Although, I can see how having kids will kill your libido. I mean who doesn’t feel sexy after changing poopy diapers and dealing with the psychological trauma inflicted by a toddler?

Unless you have some sort of physical or emotional trauma, I don’t get how you stop having sex. Why be in a relationship if you aren’t going to be intimate?

3 thoughts on “>Why is it…

  1. Uneasy Rhetoric

    >Young kids (like infants) ooze fatigue, and it’s hard to have sex when you’re that tired.

    I think for some couples it just doesn’t seem to be worth the effort to rekindle the intimacy. It takes some work, and, when your kids are your priority, that work takes a back seat.

  2. ajooja

    >When my daughter was little, my wife and I got back to having sex quite early. We were both still young.

    Seven years later, when our second child came around, there was about a year when it took my wife a little bit of time to get into the mood.

    We still had sex 4-5 times a week, but it took a lot more foreplay to get going.

    Now that my son is 13 and my daughter is out of the house, our sex life is moving back to where it was when we were newlyweds.


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