>West Sacto Whale Watch 2007

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>20 some odd years ago Humphrey the Humpback Whale made his way up the Sacramento River/Delta system. Today, we are being visited by two whales. Are they his descendants? Why are they here? Are they in danger? Who freaking cares!

People, there was a bomb scare at my office today. Did Dave and Lois bother covering it? Hell no! They were too busy watching a muddy strip of deep water channel out in West Sacramento searching for the rouge whales.

Dale Schornak and Christina Mendonsa, are you going to talk about the bomb scare on your 11:00 broadcast? Probably not.

I just realized that I don’t know who the hell anchors the 10:00 news on Channel 13. Is it Sam Shane? He probably won’t talk about the fact that the police evacuated my building this afternoon either.

The best part of the whole evacuation scene was the way our office manager alerted us to the fact that we had to leave. She said, “Please evacuate.” As though she was a flight attendant walking down the aisles saying, “Please put your seat in the upright position. Thanks.”

Granted, it was probably some vagrant’s luggage sitting near one of our front doors, but from what I heard it was kinda creepy looking.

5 thoughts on “>West Sacto Whale Watch 2007

  1. FreedomGirl

    >Wow…I remember Humphrey the Wayward Whale. That was BIG news. Bums’ suitcases that only scare people and don’t actually blow up…not so much.

  2. Doug

    >The whale story isn’t that interesting because it has no zenith. Hour after hour they are just misguided whales floating about. If a hobo (or boho, a girl hobo)were to blow up a whale or two with a suitcase I would watch over and over, “Back and to the left…back and to the left..” until I passed out on my couch.
    Christina Mendonsa has man hands.

  3. SFChick74

    >By the way, welcome to all those who have Googled Whale Watch delta and found my blog! You’ll find no photos of Moby and Ahab here.


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