>Right on!

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>Let the crackberry addiction run just that much deeper…

Now I can post right from my phone! Ah the miracles of modern technology. Now when inspiration strikes, no matter where I am, I can post it right here in a jiffy.

What happens in Vegas no longer stays in Vegas!

2 thoughts on “>Right on!

  1. Doug

    >I’m sure that you can stop at any time if you wanted . I bet within two months that you have lost all of your teeth and you’re asking for paypal donations online to pay your texting bills.

    Nice use of the word “jiffy”. Good meeting word but since it is kind of easy it would need to be used 3x in one meeting to score points.

    Please promise no toilet postings.

  2. SFChick74

    >Even drunk, I don’t think I would post a blog while in a restroom (i.e. a photo of the inner workings of a restroom).


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