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>Cruise: Dad Abused Me

Is Katie Holmes really going to attempt this fucked up silent birth thing? Sounds like something a man came up with if you ask me.

But here are some words of wisdom from Kelly Preston:

“Screaming is fine… It’s the words. If you can avoid saying certain phrases and words…
“Just try to keep it as quiet as possible. Of course you’re going to groan and yell. It hurts. Just keep it to a minimum.”

Does Kelly Preston honestly think that babies are born understanding English?

I saw this on the Soup, but thought they were making it up:

Previously, The Sun had reported that friends were spotted delivering 6ft-high ‘birthing boards’ to Tom and Katie’s Beverly Hills mansion, where it’s thought that 26-year-old Katie will deliver her baby.

One board is said to have read: “Be silent and make all physical movements slow and understandable.”

I don’t think a pregnant woman is able nor willing to make any vague movements. Although, maybe I’m not clear on the definition of an understandable movement.

6 thoughts on “>Well, that explains alot…

  1. Notsocranky Yankee

    >I think an example of an understandable movement would be “writhing in pain while being unable to say certain words during childbirth”. Or how about “hitting Tom Cruise for being such an ass”.

    I read an article about Scientology in Rolling Stone that was very informative. Those people are even crazier than I thought!

  2. tsduff

    >I feel quite sorry for Katie – how did she get so “snowed”? The whole birthing thing is really ridiculous – I’ve had 3 children pass through the birth canal, and they all garnered their respective choice words of birth…!


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