>Papers: Cheney Aide Says Bush OK’d Leak – Yahoo! News

>So…let me get this straight.

Libby’s testimony puts the president and the vice president in the awkward position of authorizing leaks. Both men have long said they abhor such practices, so much so that the administration has put in motion criminal investigations at their behest to hunt down leakers

Uh huh. Well…I’m not sure, but I think that might be a good topic for a 20/20 special or two. Maybe even a Congressional Impeachment Hearing?

And now let’s hear from the Democrats…

On Thursday, Democrats criticized the roles of Bush and Cheney.

“President Bush must fully disclose his participation in the selective leaking of classified information,” said Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid. “The American people must know the truth.”

“The president and the vice president must be held accountable,” Dick Durbin, D-Ill., said from the Senate floor. “Accountable for misleading the American people, accountable for the disclosure of classified material for political purposes. It is as serious as it gets in this democracy.”

Uh yeah. That’s great. How about something more along the lines of, “This is outrageous! We need justice!”

Can we get Howard Dean out there yelling and screaming? Can we get someone to raise their blood pressure just a little bit? Don’t use big old polysyllabic words. Use short terse ones to express the anger and disgust all Americans should be feeling at this travesty. The Democrats should be using the word “treason” left and right. Hello? It’s called a soundbite.

4 thoughts on “>Papers: Cheney Aide Says Bush OK’d Leak – Yahoo! News

  1. Notsocranky Yankee

    >Nixon RESIGNED for less! This administration has some big cahunas. I agree, the democrats need to get aggressive. I’m hoping for more when they gain control of Congress.

  2. SFChick74

    >Can we get a Myspace page going that would be a call for Presidential blow jobs? Maybe then GW would be thrown out on his ass.


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