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>I hate interviews. I usually interview well, but I still hate them. I had one today with a consulting firm and another with a staffing agency. The staffing agency people were nice, but I don’t think their clientele will be able to meet my salary needs. At least it’s a source of temp work.

The consulting firm people were nice, but I would be working with a bunch of women. I am hesitant to work with a bunch of women. The dynamic can get somewhat annoying and catty. I don’t have time for that.

Also, it is a company that works with non-profits and I don’t know if I deal well with those people. Sometimes they tend to be nicey-nicey fakes. I think it’s great that people donate their time and money to those less fortunate, but some people seem a little suspect. It’s like they are trying to clean up their karma because they lead a double life. In one aspect, they are assholes shitting all over the world and in another they are trying to clean up other people’s shit so no one will notice the shit they create. Yes, I just watched Team America: World Police and I am forever scarred by the puppet sex scene.

I just got my COBRA bill and it’s $409 a month. I don’t even go to the goddamn doctor. Insurance is such a freaking racket. If you need it, they tell you not to use it because your premium will go up. I would rather take that money put it into a savings account to use when I need it. I don’t have kids or any reason to be going to the doctor on a frequent basis. If I weren’t so freaked out about not having insurance, I would cancel it tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “>Tuesday Randomness

  1. Mateo

    >get fortis insurance that covers you in case of big problems. it’s cheap and you’ll get regular health insurance soon. $409 is too damn much.


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