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>I went to sleep last night around 11:30. The rain had begun about an hour or so before. Around 3:00 I a noise woke me up. The wind and rain were pounding against my apartment. The wind is the worst. I looked out my window and saw the rain being slammed right into the buildings as it passed the street lights. Why apartment complexes put up those flags along the road is beyond me. I heard them flapping and straining all night long. They are completely torn up this morning. I tried to watch the local news, but the weather was so bad that my DirecTV was down. I couldn’t get any channels.

It’s the wind I don’t like. Although the mini-pond filling up around my airconditioning unit isn’t a pleasure either.

The news talks about nothing but the widespread flooding across the region. The smaller creeks and streams are over-running their banks. I-80 is closed near Truckee due to a mud slide. At one point the news was saying that the Bay Bridge was shut down due to a mudslide, but there was no confirmation.

My parents’ garage is flooded. There’s a good 8-10 inches of water in it. Strangely, their power is still on. I’m supposed to head over there when the rain lets up which was should happen in a few hours. God only knows what the streets are like. I drove past Arco Arena this morning. E. Commerce Way was flooded by Del Paso Blvd. There was a construction site next to the lake that popped up on the road. I almost lost my Beetle in it on my way to Safeway.

There is a brief break in the rain, but the sky in the West looks dark. It’s supposed to rain off and on all day. Then another storm will be moving in tomorrow. Hopefully, it won’t be as strong as what went through last night. Supposedly there were some hurricane force winds clocked on Angel Island in the Bay Area. After what happened in New Orleans, we are all a little jittery when it comes to the strength of our levy system.

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