>It’s Raining Again

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>Anyone know where Arnold Schwarzenegger is? You might want to let him know that his state is having a problem or two.

I’m lucky. So far, the only way I’ve been directly effected by the storms is that my Internet connection is down. Fortunately, I still have my AOL dial up, so I can get connected albeit slowly.

It was strange to see my hometown of Vacaville on the news. Downtown flooded. I’d heard Ulatis Creek was going over its banks. I have family there still. In fact, one cousin lives about a half mile from that creek, but I think they are uphill from it. Another cousin lives on the other side of town and her street was flooded. I think the storm drain was blocked or just couldn’t handle the load because I don’t think she lives near a creek or stream. Her family had their share of tense moments as the water crept into their garage and towards their front door.

I saw I-80 flooded out in Fairfield. 18 miles of traffic backed up. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve made that drive since I moved to California 20 years ago. That part of Interstate 80 gets standing water on it from time to time, but I guess a berm or something broke and water just flowed right across the freeway. I didn’t even know there was a body of water that close by.

Napa and Guerneville are bracing for another hit. I drive through Guerneville every year on my way to Sea Ranch. The thing is, Guerneville seems to flood all the time. It seems like every winter you hear about the Russian River and how it’s either flooding or about to. Napa is a different story. I know they have a flooding problem, but it doesn’t happen as often as the Russian River.

Seriously, Schwarzenegger needs to step up to the plate and at least make an appearance. Has he even declared a state of emergency? I think having one of the major freeways in your state shut down due to mudslides and flooding is a good enough reason.

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