>Is this a joke?

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>I was over at SacRag.com and there was a post about this blog called 4/29truth.com. What do you make of it? The writers of the blog are claiming that there was some sort of conspiracy surrounding the collapse of the freeway ramp. I still maintain that it was all caused by shitty driving.

Then I was browsing through the blogroll and found out that the infamous Impeach Clinton Guy who marches through Union Square dressed in a suit and holding his protest sign has a freaking website. OK, it looks like a fansite more than his own personal page, but still… Here is another one if you’d like to learn a little more about this San Francisco protester/local character.

1 thought on “>Is this a joke?

  1. Doug

    >Good or bad the Internet (Big Machine) gives a voice and an audience to everyone.

    I suspect the guy who crashed the truck probably started the conspiracy page.


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