>What’s this all about?

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>As I was heading out to lunch, I noticed a couple of cop cars sitting out in front of my office building. Eddie the maintenance tech was standing on the sidewalk surveying the scene. I knew he would have the scoop:

“Apparently some chick in our building was cheating on her husband. The husband followed the cheater guy to her office and was in the lobby of their suite trying to start a fight. Since the cheater guy wouldn’t fight, the husband tried to take it outside. The cheater didn’t follow. He just hid inside the building and called the cops. The husband then decides to beat the living hell out of the cheater’s car while yelling about the ‘convict who has been sleeping with his bitch of a wife.’ I’ve never seen a guy put his elbow through a windshield before.”

Lesson of the day: Don’t mess around with marrieds or otherwise involved people…unless of course you like elbow in your windshield.

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