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>File this under, “Why is this news?” Is it anyone’s business that the mayor of San Francisco and his wife are getting a divorce? Aside from that nugget of gossip, the “he’s gay” rumors started up this morning. This of course comes from the whole gay marriage issue he stirred up last year.

I doubt he’s gay, but so what? Does that make him any less of a person? Will that interfere with his job as a mayor? As long as he’s not committing a crime like stealing or hurting someone, it’s really none of my business.

The real problem I have with this issue is that people should be pissed off that such crap is reported as news and they are not. They eat it up. Would you want your personal troubles broadcast for the world to know?

This “story” is the stuff that belongs in the gossip columns not a regular newspaper. I always thought Maiter and Ross were more civic-minded watchdogs, but apparently they have joined the ranks of Liz Smith and the red carpet nightmare known as Joan Rivers. Don’t get me wrong, it’s nice to do something fluffy when writing, but invading someone’s private life?

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