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>One of the guys in my office totally creeps me out. We’ll call him Lurch. He just has this creepy vibe. He will kind of skulk around me while I’m busy working. He’ll suddenly have to copy some document which is conveniently located next to the fax machine I’m trying to pull out of a paper jam.

Then Lurch will proceed to whistle part of some odd song and something really interesting like, “Looks like you got a paper jam there.” I always want to say something like, “Maybe instead of making a stupid comment, you could put all that brain power to good use and fix the machine, Sherlock.” But, looking for a new job is not something I feel like doing right now.

Lurch assists one of my bosses, so I have to interact with him. Sometimes he will stand in the doorway of my office, making lame office conversation, and scratch his back on the doorjamb. Any time he comes into my office, he always has a comment about the posters on my walls, the music I am listening to, or some other personal thing of mine. “You listen to classical music?” No dumbass, I was switching stations 4 hours ago and haven’t had time to finish what I started.

I think it’s a combination of the way he carries himself (hence the name Lurch) and his mannerisms (the whistling, the dumb comments). Every day, it gets worse. I try not to speak to him more than necessary. I avoid going near him when possible. I avoid eye contact at all costs. The more I think about how annoying/creepy he is, the more annoyance/creepiness I perceive in him. Thank God it’s Friday!

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