>Cruising through the rest of the week

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>I’ve been quasi-abandoned at my office. My department is out for a “retreat”. We all know this is about 25% networking and 75% vacation. I would have liked to have been invited, but since I add no value, I get to stay at home.

Part of me is happy that I’ll be left to my own devices. I can pretty much come and go as I please, but of course there are always eyes who drift my way and tattle if I go to far out of line. It’s all about maintaining the perception that I’m hard at work. My guess is that some are jealous of the freedom my department has.

Either way, I’ll try to be online a little more often. Feel free to send me a quick note to say hello!

2 thoughts on “>Cruising through the rest of the week

  1. Smartypants

    >I’ve been there. My first job out of school, it seemed like everyone but me was at the sales meeting in Florida. Oddly, I was far more productive with them out of the office.


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