>You know what makes me want to buy a car?

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>Gas mileage, not a freaking guitar. While I applaud the use of Slash and the dude from Spinal Tap in their most recent marketing gimmick, VW should know that it’s a 34/40 MPG that will ultimately persuade my money from me.

Here’s a trivia question I don’t know the answer to: What riff is Slash playing in that VW commercial? Is it something someone created just for that commercial or is it a rip off a la Lust for Life?

You know, when a marketing guru hears a couple of words from a song and thinks it will fit perfectly with the client’s image. Then said song becomes the butt of jokes because the song has a different meaning than what said marketing guru initially thought from the first few bars he heard.

1 thought on “>You know what makes me want to buy a car?

  1. tsduff

    >I love it when that happens. Who wants to go on a crummy old office retreat anyway, where you can’t be yourself or have any fun? Besides, running the office while all are away is such a relaxing way to work 😀



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