>Why I Won’t Be Watching the Winter Olympics

>The Winter Olympics are my favorite version of the Olympics, but NBC is screwing with them. The games in Vancouver are in the same damn time zone as Sacramento, but we in the United States and Pacific Time Zone won’t be seeing them live. The almighty East Coast will though! Why? Because NBC in their infinite wisdom wants to charge as much as they can for commercials and to do that, the events need to be shown in prime time.

Well, screw you NBC! First you mess up the Tonight Show by dumping Conan and bringing back Lame Leno and then you ruin the Olympics. I’m glad you are losing money on the Olympics. It’s an asinine thing to let everyone know.

And if you REALLY are losing money, why do you continue to have the games on your networks? That doesn’t make business sense at all.

Not showing events live aside, your coverage totally stinks. I want to see the random countries who have no chance of winning. I want to see the thrill of victory, but enjoy the agony of defeat too. I don’t want to see the freaking human interest stories. Save it for your nightly news or whatever…Show the freaking sports, jerks!

As much as I like shows like the Office and Community, I am done watching your network completely.

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