>Reasons Why I Won’t Respond

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>If your grammar is so bad that I think you might be from another country and have little to no formal education.

If the age you state is clearly younger than the person in your photos.

If you actually say you have had no formal education.

If the body image you describe isn’t even close. Stretching the truth a bit is fine, but your photo should match it.

If you make a big deal about your religion. Good for you, but can we save that for date number 5 or so?

If you look like a murderer, belong on the Megan’s Law website, or might portray a villain in a comic book.

If you live over 25 miles away from me. Seriously, are you going to drive that far? I doubt it.

If you state your ethnicity as Other, don’t explain it, and/or don’t post a photo. Seriously, are you from outer-space or what?

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Wine drinker, LEGO minifigure enjoyer, movie watcher, furniture re-arranger, Nook reader, traveler, online shopper, aphorism collector, cheese lover, humor blogger?

2 thoughts on “>Reasons Why I Won’t Respond

  1. JustinLL

    >Absolutely awesome! I don't know how anyone could not enjoy reading your posts. "portray a villain in a comic book" Holy karp, that's good stuff.

    I hope you find the one you're after, but I also hope you still make time to share.

  2. SFChick74

    >Thanks! Don't worry. Writing is like therapy and way the hell cheaper. I can't not share…double negatives aside.


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