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>No, my life isn’t so boring that I can’t think of anything better to talk about.  On the contrary, I’m busy as hell.  When I finally get home from work at night, all I want to do is crawl into bed and sleep…that or stare mindlessly at the TV.  As long as I don’t have to think or be stressed out, I’m happy.  Of course, I almost never get to do this because the mundane chores of adulthood as well as various social engagements pull me from my warm cocoon, my sanctuary from the chaos.

But, I was talking about chaos…more specifically, this nutty weather we’re having.  I know. I know.  Everyone living outside of California just rolled their eyes and groaned.  Oh, poor baby.  So you’ve got a few drops of water.  Look, it’s all relative.  It’s not usually like this around here…freezing ass cold, flood watches, plus, there are three different advisories for the area that kind of scare me.  Below are some screenshots from accuweather.com

The one that freaks me out most is the High Wind Warning.  What’s the difference between a warning and a watch?  Well a watch means something is coming over the next few days.  A warning means shit is about to happen so prepare now!  I hate the winds.  Sitting alone in my house, I just wait for one of the many trees in East Sacramento to come crashing in.  Luckily, this wind event as the news will call it will happen while I’m at work, so if a tree decides to visit the inside of my house, I won’t have to be around to see it happen.

I won’t even think about the possibility of a levee breaking.  And even so many years after Katrina, Sacramento still hasn’t gotten its levees up to par.  In fact, an article in the Sacramento Bee LAST SEPTEMBER, said that most of the levees in the city have technically failed a Corps of Engineers inspection.  Even though the inspection centered on maintenance practices and not the strength of the levees, anyone who has ever owned anything knows that maintenance is a key factor to keeping things functioning properly.  It’s as though we all know there is a problem, but are too helpless or stupid to do anything about it.

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