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>My uncle’s psycho ex-wife has married for the 3rd time.  To put it lightly, this irks me. While most of the time I can be an open-minded individual, if someone hurts my family, I get very angry.  I know I should forgive her, but I feel that she doesn’t deserve to be happy.  She deserves to be as miserable and alone as I am.

Another part of me screams, “UNFAIR!”  This horrible woman cheated on my uncle and made his life as well as the lives of their children hell. Twenty-five years ago, I knew she was a nutcase.  Ah, the clarity of a child.  Now, here I am a fairly sane, well-adjusted adult, and I can’t get to date number three while that crazy slut is getting married again.

I know that I shouldn’t compare myself to her, but when I hear news like this, I feel like a failure.  Yes, I know her newest husband is probably just as insane as she is, but she still found him.  She probably acted like a total whore, cheated on him multiple times, generally treated him like less than a piece of crap, and still he married her.  Is it that I garner too much respect from my suitors?  Do I need to act like a bimbo who is one sandwich short of a picnic with serious Daddy issues?  Do I have to treat men like total shit, play mind games, and completely undermine their self-esteem?  Honestly, I wouldn’t even know how to consciously go about doing any of that.

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  1. Miss M

    >You better believe her suitors are as awful as she is. Who would marry a woman who's been married TWICE before? Um, not your typical stand-up stellar catch obviously. He's probably a total douche with VERY low standards. Keep putting yourself out there, girlie. That's the only way you're going to find a decent guy. Try to be thankful you're not working on your third divorce. Being choosy has its benefits.


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