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>One of my favorite views of California is heading north on I-5 just as you are coming out of the Grapevine.  There is this beautiful view of the mountains rising out of the flat quilted valley as you coast down the grade.  I can’t really do justice to the breathtaking view, but am going to try. 

It’s utterly California and I think what Heaven might be like.  A clear blue sky as the backdrop with a stray cloud or two drifting by the top of the mountain.  The golden native grass baking in the sun, the shadowy oak trees crouching along the ridges and faces, the random outcropping of granite cutting through the vegetation. OK, I’m not sure about the type of rocks, but you get the picture.  If not, the next time you are traveling north on I-5 and get to that 10% grade at the end of the mountainous trek, take a moment to look to your left and see the beauty.

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