>Heading down the highway (I-5 Style)

>Driving down Interstate 5 is like nothing else.  Hundreds of miles of flat arid landscape with the occasional hill thrown in for good measure all in the same state.  I’ve made the trip down the hypnosis highway more times that I can remember over the last 20 years.  It’s a marathon.  Maybe it’s a defense mechanism of some kind, but great big chunks of the trip are erased from my memory.

I swear there are new exits off the freeway, but it’s possible that I just never noticed Copus Road before.  I always think Patterson is just outside Lathrop and the Apricot Tree Restaurant in Firebaugh is just a few miles from the Starbucks on Sperry Avenue in Patterson.  There is probably a good 30 minutes to an hour of driving between all of those locations.

Also, did Harris Ranch move?  I swear that distinctive cow smell was closer to Kettleman City than Colinga.

Because I’m from Northern California, everything south of the Grapevine is “Los Angeles”.  I know Anaheim is a totally different city and it pisses me off a bit that the Angels changed their name to include Los Angeles thus reinforcing the idiotic notion that Los Angeles is the only city in southern California.

By the way, why is the Grapevine called that? Anyone know?

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