>Where the Streets Are Poorly Designed

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4 lanes of crazy

Who in the hell designed Fair Oaks Blvd between Howe and Fulton?  What a freaking nightmare! 

For those of you not familiar with this stretch of road in Sacramento, it looks like two roads smooshed together and then divided by some pretty trees.  Smooshed is a technical term, I believe. The pretty trees serve to block oncoming traffic and force people to test their merging skills. 

Google maps will show you what I mean, although until you drive on it, you really won’t know the level of insanity the person was suffering from when they thought this layout was a good idea.

I’m surprised that there isn’t an accident an hour on this damn road.  Oh, and it’s like that on both sides of the road too.  God forbid I should want to go to Boston Market without having to play Frogger in my car.

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