>How Can You NOT Love It?

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>The other day I overheard someone say, “Do you still hate your iPhone?” Maybe I’m the crazy one, but I cannot understand why you would hate an iPhone. I love my iPhone probably in an unhealthy way, but new features and applications keep me hooked. 

An article in the Bee reminded me that the Netflix application is rocking my world.  Seriously, my coworkers want me shut up about it.  It’s almost as bad as a 16 year old girl with a new boyfriend.  At work, I can sit at my desk and watch a movie or TV show while eating lunch. The small screen doesn’t seem to bother me any more than the old CRT I have to stare at for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week.  Throw on the earphones and I can drown out the nonsense around me. 

Of course there is my tweeting addiction which is enabled by said phone.  I have to remind myself that no one needs to read every dumb thought that meanders through my brain.  Also, my bosses get a little annoyed when my attention is focused on the electronic device in my hand instead of writing yet another TPS report.

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