>Random thoughts on roads, driving and drivers

>Something really rare happened to me today.  I got stuck in traffic.  Stop scoffing. I heard you through the Internet.  Your traffic is horrible.  It probably rates at the bottom of the official Limit Reached Crapscale.

Limit Reached Crapscale (TM?)

Schools have started up, which means an increase in confused idiots on the road.  Of course, this doesn’t explain the brain dead zombies on Highway 99 this evening.

Of course, shiny objects seem to distract all manner of drivers in California.  Flashing signs warning about well, anything, only hinder and never help.  Plus, construction on our freeways is so rare that when it gets combined with the mind boggling “merge” concept, people pretty much just stop driving…right in the middle of the freeway.

In fact, I saw just that.  Granted, this person was probably having car trouble of some sort, but their Lexus SUV looked pretty new, so I’m guessing the fact that the exit to Mack Road was slightly guarded by giant orange barrels probably caused an acid flashback.

For those of you who live outside California…well, Northern California anyway, our roads were designed to handle the amount of traffic active in the area around 900 BCE.  No one has had the time, money or knowhow to expand even Interstate 5 to more than 2 lanes in most of the state.

By the way, will someone please tell the dude driving down H Street that he needs to stop primping? His mullet looks fine.  Please go when the light turns green, not 10 seconds later, so I almost miss the light…even though I’m only 3 cars back from the front.

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