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Because I live by the “what goes around comes around” rule, I try to apply that same logic to writing about my dates.

But it’s a little more complex than that:

1) Anonymous vs known – If you stay anonymous, you might be apt to spill more dirt than you would if you were known. I’m not anonymous, so I write with that in mind. Personally, I think you should always write as though the person you are writing about will read it. Sometimes, this is not always a good thing.

2) All for me – I won’t write about a guy I like. There are two reasons for this…1st, I don’t want guys to date me just so I’ll write about them. Why they would go to such lengths to have all 30 of you to read about them is beyond me, but there are some guys out there who want that attention. 2nd, I’m selfish. Shocking, I know. If I’m having a good time with a guy, I want to keep him all to myself. Granted, I might tweet about him because I just can’t help myself, but we all know that those sappy blog posts about how great a date was belong on Facebook.

3) Goodbye – However, if a guy frustrates me, annoys me, or otherwise doesn’t make me happy, I will write about him. Of course, I still try to use common sense. I don’t need to start any trouble just because my ego is bruised.

4) No names – Initially, I didn’t use a guy’s real name because I wanted to guard his privacy. Whether he pissed me off or not, there is no need to spill his name all over the internet. But, now I have another reason. I also don’t need to give him any search engine optimization. Since employers and various other investigators are using the Internet to check up on folks, I don’t need to have one of my silly blog posts be the reason a guy doesn’t get a job or gets denied a bank loan. Of course, if I accidentally go out with a known criminal, then I might just write up a PSA to warn other women.

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