>Going for a walk isn’t always easy

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>How did your September start? Mine started off by getting chased by a homeless guy on Capitol Mall. 

Around lunch time, I decided I needed to explore my new office surroundings and find an ATM. After a web search, I found one a block and a half away.

Granted, this is a Sacramento block which is like three regular blocks, but still not really much more than a five minute walk each way. Walking out of the lobby, I put in my earbuds and proceeded to enjoy the sunshine. The roar of I-5 drowned out the Creedence Clearwater Revival playing on my iPhone, but still I walked on.

A few feet from the first of three crosswalks, I heard this weird yelling behind me.

I turned around to see a disheveled, shaggy male bearing down on me while yelling randomness.

While that might be acceptable behavior on Twitter, I was freaking out about it on the street.

Of course, hardly anyone else was on the sidewalk, so I pretty much ran across the second crosswalk in my 4 inch heels in an effort to shake off the frightening being still shouting at me.

Luckily, the third crosswalk’s little green man popped up, so I turned right while the homeless guy proceeded to march down Capitol Mall yelling at the sunshine.

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