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>For whatever reason, my office has decided to embrace the annoyance that is known as Earth Hour.  There are posters plastered all over the place touting, “Celebrate with us!”  If Earth Hour was really a celebration, I’d be all over it.  I love any reason for a party or gathering, but what the hell are you supposed to do in the dark for an hour?  You can’t light candles because that would be sending carbon dioxide or smoke into the air.  You can’t use flashlights because that is using energy.  So you sit in the dark for an hour.  Sounds like a freaking blast to me.

Not only that, but supposedly this futile exercise raises awareness of all things environmental or something like that in the “green” movement.  Well, then riddle me this…why in the hell are so many posters printed out with a giant black background?  I can’t even imagine how much black toner was used to remind everyone to save energy.  It’s not like that toner is biodegradable and the reminder is printed on recycled paper!

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