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>I noticed that my mailbox lid is bent in a funky way.  Clearly, some idiot tried to pry it open and steal the stuff inside. 

First of all, does anyone send checks in the mail anymore?  To houses I mean, not to businesses.  Oooh a $14 check for being forced to serve jury duty!  Although, there might be a few folks who still get tax refunds via an actual check, but I think they all live in Alabama or Kansas.

Second of all, no one sends much via USPS that can fit into a small mailbox except maybe a greeting card for the nearest holiday, but odds are that nothing of monetary value is contained within the envelope.  Of course, there are the myriad of advertisements for Papa Murphy’s Pizza or the local cleaners, but nothing that anyone could trade for goods and services.

If they are looking for information, see above note about nothing being sent via USPS.  Unless of course they wanted my copy of Martha Stewart Living.

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  1. Medri

    >First, in regards to facebook ads… unfortunately, they're created by users. So the person who did it probably just messed up, though humorously.

    Second, my security deposit is arriving to me via check by mail. Though, in all honesty, you're right – checks don't normally go by mail.

    Alternately, you could just assume you were apart of the lucky few who have been a victim of mailbox baseball.


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