>More reasons I won’t reply

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>Your screen name is inappropriate.  Do you really expect to find a quality gal with a name that implies a quickie at lunchtime?

The number of photos containing your pet is higher than photos of your friends.

You look like my 11th grade math teacher.

You are my 11th grade math teacher.

You email a sentence telling me I’m hot/awesome/interesting.  Thanks, but that’s not really a conversation starter.

You are wearing sunglasses and/or a hat in all of your photos.  Are you hiding from someone?

You have any photos of yourself without a shirt.

You are old enough to be my dad.

You look like you could be my dad.

You look like you might have a learning/mental disability.  Sorry, but my life isn’t a Hallmark Hall of Fame Showcase program.

You don’t capitalize any of your sentences and your name is not e.e. cummings.

Your face isn’t clear in any of your photos.  See above about hiding something.

There is some mysterious woman who looks like she might be an ex-girlfriend in your photos and you don’t explain her presence in your profile.

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