>Being Smart Ain’t Easy

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>There is an article over at SFGate about schools decreasing or eliminating funding for programs designed for gifted kids.  It’s funny that most people seem to assume gifted kids have an easier time in school than the remedial kids. 

Speaking from personal experience, I probably hated school as much as a kid who was struggling with a learning disability.

Frustration over having to wait for my peers to get a concept I grasped quickly was a regular emotion.  Feeling like an outcast because I almost ALWAYS new the answer to whatever questions the teacher asked is not easy for a kid to handle.  I learned to play dumb at an early age in order to fit in.

Granted, I know that public schools have to cater to the lowest common denominator in order to make their dollars stretch.

I don’t see any difference between a special class or program for kids who learn faster than their peers than those programs/classes for kids who learn slower than their peers.  Both types of kids stand out from the masses in that they learn at a different pace.

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