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>In the online dating world, there seem to be two schools of thought when one receives a communication from a person they are not interested in dating. 

One is to send a polite, “No thanks.  Best of luck in your search!”

The other, to which I adhere, is to do nothing. 

Most folks don’t take rejection well and the lower the apparent IQ, the worse the rejection is handled usually.  Since I’m of a mind not to kick a sleeping bear, if possible, I silently thank the person for their interest and wish them the best.  Never do I let them know I acknowledged the communication.  I really don’t need an angry email simultaneously trying to plead their dating case and telling me I’m a bitch. Of course, said emails will be riddled with spelling errors and grammar catastrophes and my brain can’t handle an increased awareness of atrocious writing skills.

2 thoughts on “>To Reply or Not Reply

  1. JustinLL

    >Feedback is crucial. And being ignored is more hurtful than being rejected…provided the rejection is delivered tactfully.

    The trick is to write your response right away — don't think about it, just feel it and write it honestly.

    They're allowed to make adjustments, but it's tough when no one tells them what they're doing poorly.

    I don't mean to sound as if I'm on a high horse. I can't afford a horse.


  2. SFChick74

    >In my experience, most people don't take rejection well, whether or not it's handled with kid gloves.

    And sometimes, there's nothing a guy can do to improve his chances with me. The spark is just not there for me. It's not you. It's me. 🙂


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