>How Do You Measure a Bra?

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>Every woman is subject to bra shopping with the onslaught, I mean onset, of puberty.  It’s a most hated task.  Always do I feel unattractive and inferior whenever I am staring at my breasts encased in some Nylon/Spandex nightmare under the harsh fluorescent lights in a fitting room. 

And what size am I?  I have no freaking idea.  Bra math has never been my strong suit and apparently, one size is not the same across manufactures and styles.

Because I’m a geek, I surfed the web and found this site with a bunch of different calculators on it.  According some, I’m a 42 AA.  According to this calculator, I’m a 44D.  The best part was when one website told me my measurements were too small.  Another one said I don’t need a bra.  Geez, thanks for making me feel like crap.

So is there any truth to these numbers?  Personally, I don’t wear any of those sizes suggested to me and I don’t buy into the statistics that most women are wearing the wrong size bras.  Those seem self-fulfilling numbers to be created by bra manufacturers to get women to go out and buy bras. 

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