Party on, Twitter.

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For you old fogies who don’t know, a Twitter party is where a sponsor gathers a bunch of people to talk about their product. Usually there are prizes given away. Once I got a $10 gift card for Subway. Hey, that’s a couple of lunches just for talking on the internet.

But wait, aren’t there chats on twitter? Well, my friend, I believe a Twitter chat usually does not involve sponsored giveaways. It’s usually just a bunch of people talking about a specific subject. Instead of a bunch of people talking about random subjects…

The problem I have with Twitter parties is when they occur. I’ve seen so many that happen while I’m at work. Hello, at 3:00 PM Eastern, I’m lucky if I’m having lunch. I suppose I could join in one while on my lunch break, but they aren’t easy to attend on an iPhone. You have to keep up with a bunch of chatting people, usually by following a specific hashtag. The host usually asks questions to keep the flow going. It’s interesting to see everyone’s answers. Plus, you can get some social media “clout” if you get a bunch of people sharing your tweet. Not that it matters…

Anyway, it just sucks that I can’t chat about makeup because I’m stuck at work making money. Whatever. I’ll just talk to myself about makeup. That’s what blogging is, right?

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