Don’t Treat Me Bad: Living your dream

Living-Your-DreamAre you living your dream? It irritates me to no end when someone puts someone else down simply because of the profession or job they have chosen. Not everyone wants to be a suit wearing cube jockey.  There’s nothing wrong with being a suit wearing cube jockey, but for some reason, many people can’t get past this cliche image of success.

There are people who have a passion for something  and will only be happy if they are participating in that passion.  Sure it might not look like a text book image of success, but if the person is happy, who cares?

Following your passion is living your dream

While at the Saint Paul Saints game last month, there were people in the stands making fun of the players.  Excuse me? Sure, those guys might not be major league material, but they are also playing baseball for a living. They are doing something that makes them happy. How many millions of men are out there who would give their left nut for a chance to play ball professionally? Exactly.

Then I read this article about one of the guys from Trixter. The dude might not be playing arenas every night, but he’s also not giving up on earning a living by doing what he loves.  Sure, it’s not easy, but that’s not why he does it. If he wanted to simply make money, he’d get an 8 to 5 job or find a more reliable way to make ends meet.

And there’s also nothing wrong with trying to make ends meet. People need to feed and clothe their families. So what if they are digging ditches to do it?  Think of all the people in the service industry. They cook your food. They clean public bathrooms. They deliver your pizza.

Every day you interact with people who have jobs that are not necessarily the text book image of success. Yet, these people are successful. Why?  Because they are working. Because they are trying to make ends meet. Because they aren’t a burden on society. They are making your day to day familiarity possible. They make your caramel cappuccino possible. They make that Target run possible.

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