LEGO minifigures series 2014 update!

LEGO minifigures series 2014 updateI know you’ve been all wondering when the next LEGO minifigures series would be released in 2014.  According to Brickipedia, the next LEGO minifigures series for 2014 will come out in October.

Now, if you found my blog because you are looking for LEGO minifigure bump codes, you should know that it’s an imperfect way to figure out what lurks inside the mystery bags. Different manufacturing runs sometimes result in different bumps. However, I will continue to post the photos of what we find at the LEGO store at the Mall of America.

LEGO minifigures series 2014 details?

So, what’s in the next batch of LEGO minifigures? And is this series 14 or series 12?  I’ve seen both listed, but I’m sure whatever LEGO calls it will be official.

Back to the figures, below is the list found on Brickipedia.  Can you guess which ones I’m looking forward to seeing?

Space Miner
Battle Goddess
Dino Tracker
Piggy Guy
Hun Warrior
Fairytale Princess
Pizza Delivery Man
Video Game Guy
Spooky Girl
Genie Girl
Rock Star

I sort of like the juxtaposition of the Pizza Delivery Man and the Video Game Guy.  The two seem to go together naturally. The Piggy Guy confuses me. Then again this set will be released near Halloween, so maybe it’s his costume. Maybe that’s the theme? Halloween? It makes sense. I mean the Spooky Girl does have a goth teddy bear. Oh, and the first person to sing that awful Aerosmith song when they see the Space Miner gets kicked.  Dammit! Too late. That song is now stuck in my head.

Which one sounds like fun to you?

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