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That weirdo from Delaware aside, I’ve always been fascinated by witches.  My fascination is mostly centered around witches as literary figures/fictional characters.  They were powerful females who manipulated invisible forces to get things done.  Who wouldn’t like that power?  Usually, they didn’t need a wand to do it.  Of course, they weren’t perfect.  They made bad choices, fell in love with men who were already taken, and accidentally killed bad people.  Perfection is boring. Who wants to see a story where everything goes smoothly?  

My favorite examples of fictional witchery are in Practical Magic (the movie not the book), Bedknobs & Broomsticks, Bell Book & Candle, and of course Witch Hazel on the Bugs Bunny cartoons and Morticia on the Addams Family.  During my college years, I enjoyed Anne Rice’s Witching Hour series.  It’s funny, but I now wonder if Mary Poppins was a witch.  She sure knew how to use magic even if she used an umbrella to get around instead of a broomstick.

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