>Don’t Take This The Wrong Way

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Whenever I’m out in public, I usually have a scowl on my face.  It’s because I focus on negative stuff like crowds or poorly managed/tiny grocery stores.  

Add to my general dislike of the public the fact that because I lived in a big city for so long, I trained myself to ignore possible calls of my name or other attempts to get my attention by perceived strangers when I’m in a quasi-sketchy area of town. 

So for those few friends and acquaintances of mine in this area who cross my path while I’m marching through Market Square at Arden Fair Mall around dusk at top speed to get past the hoodies, or if you see me sitting in the Beetle at a stop light staring into space, just remember that I’m not ignoring you specifically.  Either I don’t see you or I’m too freaked out to look around, so please don’t be offended.

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