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>I am among the millions of people who received, what I like to call, their “Hey Idiot! There’s a Census this year!” letter.

My guess is that these letters are geared towards the few people who don’t have access to a television, radio, the local paper, and internet. The target audience for the commercials are those folks who couldn’t pass government class in high school. There are also those people who just won’t pay attention and have to be reminded constantly about an important event. The letters, and commercials for that matter, seem to be geared towards the kind of people who don’t vote.

Some people see this incessant notification that you will receive a form as a waste of the government’s money. While I agree on some level, let me remind those people that the idiots need to be counted too.

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  1. Dave2

    >Actually… since the government isn't able to support the Postal Service anymore, this is a great way of injecting some much-needed money into the US Postal System without breaking the law. 🙂


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