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>At work, I am surrounded by clocks and none of them agree. My computer will say it’s 4:58. At the same time, my desk phone says 4:53, the coffeemaker says 4:55 and my mobile phone says 4:56. Two of those things, I cannot change. I set the coffeemaker by my mobile, so it makes a little sense that it would be off by a minute. I don’t know who set the computer or if I can even change it. I probably can, but that still leaves the two phones.

Of course, I don’t want to choose one because depending on the situation, I might want the clock to be ahead or behind. No longer do we have the POP-CORN lady to settle the differences. She’s been out of commission for almost 3 years now. So, I have to sit in a time warp of sorts until someone can reconcile the difference.

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2 thoughts on “>What time is it?

  1. Medri

    >I think I'm writing this because I want to thank you. I spent the last four hours trying to quell an ambitious itch. Eventually, I did a Google search for, "Why am I so bored?" and came across one of your posts around December of 2009. I think you're right, we mistaken boredom for loneliness. No matter the case, I will enjoy reading your posts.


    P.S.: I hate shorthand texting.

  2. SFChick74

    >That's totally awesome that you searched for something to relieve your boredom and stumbled upon my silly blog. Boredom plagues me on a regular basis…and it probably is just loneliness.

    Thanks for reading!


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