>And now, I’m dreaming about it…

>Blame it on the food I ate last night, but this morning I had a dream about trying to check into Foursquare. That’s right. I was hanging out in some foreign country and kept trying to check into the mall I was wandering around in on Foursquare.  Looking at my iPhone (at least I think that’s what it was), the application couldn’t figure out where I was.

Maybe it’s because I’m a little hungover from last night’s vodka tasting fest, but it took a good hour before I realized what I had dreamed about..a new technology.

Then I was thinking about how some people now have recurring nightmares/dreams where they can’t dial a phone number…just me? Of course I say dial, but the kids today don’t even know that there used to be an actual round thing on phones…home phone trapped on the walls!

Regardless, at some point, people started dreaming about telephones probably back when they were still novelties. I’m guessing someone went, “Great. I’ve been using the dratted telephone so much that now I’m starting to dream about it!”

Like the Tetris dreams of the early 90s, a new form of technology has seeped into my subconscious. Luckily, I haven’t dreamt about Twitter…yet.

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