Wedding Photography: Social media and trends

Your wedding photos are an important aspect of the day.  Most people hire someone. Now, you know the professional will not be the only one taking photos…not in this social media day and age.  Personally, I’m encouraging people to take as many phone photos as they want during the reception and share them on Facebook and Twitter.  In fact, I’ve even made some props to help them out.

Yes, I’m succumbing to the photo booth prop rage.  And of course, I will include a printable (or four) at the end of this post.  But first, I’ll tell you how to create your own.  Yes, you can buy these on Etsy or somewhere else on the internets, but when you are a control freak like me, you make your own.

It’s not that difficult.

Back when my sister got married, twelve years ago, the instant cameras at the tables were the big thing.  Now, it’s holding up a piece of paper glued to a stick.

That sounded lamer than I meant.  It was kind of an interesting exercise for me creatively.

I used Picmonkey to make all of my images.  If you upgrade to the Royale (not with cheese) version, you can access some really cool comic bubbles.

  1. First choose the design option.  There’s an 8 x 10 canvas available which is perfect.
  2. Pick your comic bubble or label, add color to it if you want.  About two should fit on a canvas.  You want it to be rather big, about half of a page, so it will come out well and be easy to cut out.
  3. Now you can add text to the bubble. There are a variety of fonts available.  I say make it chunky & simple so it’s easy to read in photos.
  4. If you are super creative, you can add in images, create mustaches, bow ties, or sunglasses.  I’m not, but I encourage you to do so!
  5. When you are done, download it as a PNG file.  If it has text on it, the text will look fuzzy if you choose JPG.
  6. Print it out on a color printer.
  7. Get some craft sticks from a hobby store or possibly Target.  Also, get glue.
  8. Cut out your photo props and stick them to the sticks.

It’s that easy!  Oh yeah, here are the printables I promised.






2 thoughts on “Wedding Photography: Social media and trends

  1. Tamara

    These would be such a great photo opp for a wedding. I am still learning PicMonkey
    Dropping by from the Bloggers Brags Pinterest Party & following you on social media

    1. Amy Ruiz Post author

      Thanks! Picmonkey is so much fun. I tend to get lost playing around with it. I’m also looking forward to whenever they release new themes for the summer and spring.


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