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>Went to the State Fair yesterday, and actually it was fun.

First we rode on the monorail:

Where I took some pretty pictures:

Then we wandered over to the agriculture area where they had a display of tractors:

They had an animal nursery at the State Fair. I thought it would be baby animals to coo over. Unfortunately, it was more like female animals about to give birth:

We wandered through the “food court” where they had a variety of fried foods, including a chicken sandwich with a Krispy Kreme donut for the bread.

Don’t believe me? Click on the picture and look at the sign:

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5 thoughts on “>Big Fun?

  1. tsduff

    >I love the fair… last time I went in Sacramento I actually ate part of a deep fried twinkie! I think I’ll pass on the doughnut sandwich though… That cow picture looks painful.


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