>What’s allowed on planes, what’s not? – Yahoo

>Am I the only one who realizes that college kids had this idea before the terrorists? Of course instead of lighter fluid or whatever, they were smuggling vodka in their water bottles.

I’ve got a better idea. Why not ban every thing except your ID and your person from getting on the plane? How about if we walk around in metal shields to protect us from any sort of evil?

Yes, things should be checked and scanned because there are idiots out there who are nuts. Yes, people need to be stopped from bringing guns, bombs and other incendiary devices on board (snakes included). But we need to draw the line somewhere. There is an inherent risk with just being alive.

I’m sitting in the relative safety of my home, but at any moment, a car could come crashing through the wall, a bullet could come flying through the window. But, do I build a bullet proof wall around my windows thereby blocking out the cool Sacramento Delta breeze? Do I put up spikes in my lawn and barrels full of sand or water as a barrier to any wayward car? No. Why? Because it’s ridiculous. Just like this ban on all liquids.

It just seems to me that instead of such a paranoid reaction, the government should take a moment and plan a better more intelligent method of checking for stuff that might be used by criminals to inflict harm on the general public.

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