>And they’re off!

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>Get out your bourbon and mint, it’s time to care about horse racing for two minutes.  I’m not just being sarcastic.  I think the race lasts that long at best.  My favorite part of the whole shindig (aside from the booze) are the horse names.  Sort of apropos, this year there is a horse named Stay Thirsty.  Granted, I thought maybe it was a really interesting move by the Dos Equis people, but apparently the owner of the horse got rich on Vitaminwater.

Mucho Macho Man and Pants on Fire are probably my favorite names though.  I either want to snap into a Slim Jim or sing a Village People song.  Then I might consider how many ways the other horse and its rider might be lying to us all.

For some reason, Master of Hounds reminds me of a Metallica song while Midnight Interlude sounds like a song you would hear in a fancy pants piano bar.

By the way, if you haven’t yet seen Secretariat, I highly recommend it. Sure you know the outcome, but I guarantee you will still be on the edge of your seat and John Malkovich is a decent comic foil.  Plus it’s a great way to get into the Kentucky Derby mood.  Or you could just start singing, “The sun shines bright in the old Kentucky home…”

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