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  1. X-Men: The Last Stand – It wasn’t a bad movie, but it wasn’t the best of the X-Men bunch. I don’t understand why Storm doesn’t just zap everyone with lightening when she is fighting the bad guys. Also, why didn’t Magneto just drop the Golden Gate Bridge (or some other giant piece of metal) on top of the lab to kill the Leech kid? Oh yeah, and how come Hugh Jackman’s clothes/skin/bones disappear/flake off, but nothing below the belt melts away. Totally not fair… Mystique is naked, but God forbid we should see any hint of Wolverine’s goods.
  2. Constant Gardner – Why was this movie nominated for an Oscar? Maybe I missed something since the Netflix DVD kept skipping here and there, but man it was BORING.
  3. Casanova – Ok, I’ll admit I only rented this since it stars Heath Ledger. Big mistake. The main character wasn’t very likeable and I just didn’t find Heath Ledger all that attractive in this role. I liked A Knight’s Tale much better.

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3 thoughts on “>Movies I saw this weekend

  1. Petra

    >x-men: I thought it was a bit much with all the bridge theatrics but still kinda cool in a way. In our male-dominated society, always such a big deal to show even a hint of male nudity.
    constant gardener: I thought the movie was ok, just slow. Some of it hit a little too close to home for me as I work in the pharmaceutical industry.


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