>Online Dating Chronicles: The Holiday Slump

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>Let’s be honest, this whole year has been a slump for my love life. I figured it out though. My net had not been cast wide enough. Match’s requirements to get the six months free is to only contact 5 different guys each month. That’s only 30 guys. Last year, I was contacting 3 guys a week over the course of six months of four weeks each that’s 72 guys in the same period. Obviously, a much bigger net.

Sadly, I haven’t been as motivated to contact more than the Match minimum. In fact, since I’ve completed the last of the requirements, I’ve been in passive mode. Now the holidays are upon us, so my time and motivation is even less. I could reinstate my 3 per week minimum and probably have a date before the new year. I don’t need to worry about the dating before Christmas rule because odds are the guy won’t stick around long enough for me to have to get him a gift.

The real problem is that everyone’s social schedules tend to fill quickly at this time of year. Too much holiday cheer is going around. The older I get, the more I feel like the holidays get in the way of my life. It’s an awful thing to say because I really love Christmas.

Maybe for the sake of having something to write about I’ll try harder to get some action in my love life.  Like I’ve heard people say, even a bad date is better than no date.  At least you have something to talk about with a bad date.  With no date it’s the same broken record noise about being alone.

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